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I’ve dedicated my life to crafting engaging, memorable experiences for others. I pride myself on improving my work by thinking critically about the world around me. The world is wide and wonderful, and games deserve to represent the whole of it.


  • 13 years of experience at all levels of game development, from concept to production, release, and live support
  • Proficient at both verbal and written communication, regularly called upon to train, collaborate, and mediate with all disciplines of development, including executives and press
  • Extensive experience creating project architectures and milestone schedules to deliver great games on-time and on-budget
  • Expert at designing and realizing features and mechanics, from design documentation to implementation, scripting, tuning, and testing
  • Fluent in C#, Unreal Blueprints, and other development languages.
  • Fluent in a wide suite of development tools, including Unity 3D, Unreal Editor, Hero Engine, and other 3D development platforms, as well as essential tools like SVN, Perforce, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, MS Office, JIRA, Confluence, and more

Professional Work

Certain Affinity @ Austin, TX: April 2019 – Present

Senior Missions Designer

Working on an unannounced title. Responsible for objective design, level markup, scenario writing, implementation in Unreal, playtesting and generating feedback, and agile iteration.

I’ve also taken an active role on strike teams and initiatives that determined game sequence, story, music design, and environment art. I’ve also been an active member of the team that generates feedback and recommendations for the internal toolset, allowing the team writ large to function more efficiently.

QC Games @ Austin, TX: May 2017 – April 2019


Senior Level Designer

A 4v1 dungeon crawler set in a magical near-future world where you control either an enterprising new hero — or a shadowy villain.

As a senior member of the game’s mission team, I was responsible for pitching, designing, and developing multiplayer action levels, complete with objectives, story moments, encounters, hazards, and set-piece moments.

I worked with artists, engineers, sound designers, and concept artists to propose and develop new locations and lore, with an eye for shaping traditional mythological characters and events into brand-specific entities and encounters. I shepherded each level from start to finish, crafting gameplay and providing actionable feedback on things like environment polish, VFX, dialogue, music, narrative beats, and boss mechanics.

I also contributed overall to the to IP development, providing detailed feedback on character design, story arcs, cinematics, and other world-shaping content.

Work Sample: “Downtown Kiev”

In Breach’s multiplayer missions, four “hero” characters work together to overcome challenges and clear encounters… while a sinister “Veil Demon” player places traps, monsters, and other hazards in their path.

Downtown Kiev was the first mission I created from the ground up at QC. A breach in the fabric of reality has caused enormous vegetative growth to demolish part of the downtown skyscrapers. Heroes race over rooftops and through skyway terminals as they approach the heart of the infestation.

Work Sample: “Valley of Kings”

In Valley of Kings, an icy glacier has manifested right on top of an ancient Egyptian temple. Worse, a strange archmage is casting a devastating ritual. It’s up to the heroes to stop his plans.

Valley of Kings was an exciting level to work on because of the constraints involved – we wanted to make our overall space more efficient so that we had fewer total rooms. I designed a central courtyard which sees reuse throughout the mission, cutting down on the overall environment needs.

Work Sample: “Tokyo Breach”

In the heart of Tokyo, strange forests and demonic statues have overtaken the downtown skyline. The heroes arrive to fight back against the encroaching darkness.

Tokyo was started before I arrived at QC, but I quickly wound up inheriting it as one of my primary missions during my time there. I spent a lot of time working with environment art to cull unnecessary space, standardize rooms, and make sure that geometry met gameplay standards.


BioWare @ Austin, TX: Mar 2016 – Mar 2017

Star Wars: The Old Republic
World Designer

The award-winning MMO in the Star Wars universe, now celebrating its 5-year anniversary.

I joined the team for the latter half of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion as well as the development and launch of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. As part of the “Uprisings” team, I was responsible for pitching, designing, and developing repeatable multiplayer content that was easily consumable but sufficiently variable and challenging to keep players coming back again and again in pursuit of lucrative rewards. I was especially proud of the boss mechanics and bonus content I crafted for my specific Uprising missions.

I was also a major contributor to the Cartel Market team. My responsibilities included pitching, developing, implementing, and testing monetizable content, including armor sets, weapons, mounts, and glamour items.

Work Sample: “Done and Dusted”

A 4-player dungeon set in the desert wasteland of Tatooine. Players must work together to attack a bandit outpost and retrieve stolen security data.

Utilizing premade art prefabs, I create a new zone set in a remote hill that takes the player through a myriad of exciting encounters, including a several custom-scripted boss encounters, including a highly mobile sniper, a berserker corrupted by the dark side of the Force, and a classic AT-ST “Walker.”

Inspired by Pokemon Go, I independently scripted an all-new mechanic exclusive to this level where players can find hotspots around the terrain, “attune” themselves to classic Tatooine wildlife, and then summon them for assistance in battle. There are twelve different beasts for players to find!

Work Sample: “Destroyer of Worlds”

A 4-player dungeon set in the underground mines of Makeb. Players escort an explosive probe droid into the heart of a deranged cult to destroy a gigantic otherworldy horror.

In this level, I wanted the players to feel like they always needed to look over their shoulder, unsure of what might strike. In addition to challenging encounters – like a pair of ever-reincarnating beasts, and a massive gauntlet of cultists and mining droids – I also scripted random attacks from cultist sorcerers and underground tentacles, ensuring that players couldn’t simply memorize the encounters and coast through whenever they replayed it. I also worked closely with art to ensure that the level was suitably moody and unsettling while still within the bounds of the Star Wars canon – including a suitably explosive finale when the giant tentacled monster is blown up!

I also scripted a “curse” effect that afflicts anyone who begins the level, which can only be removed by participating in an optional side quest – seek out hidden relics throughout the level and use them to summon an optional boss – the Caller in the Dark, the source of the everpresent curse.


KingsIsle Entertainment @ Austin, TX: Apr 2012 – Jan 2016


Senior Designer II / Team Captain

An idle-adventure game available on PC and mobile platforms.

I crafted the core concept (and pitched it to the company as a potential product) I was responsible for crafting all game documentation, implementation pipelines, and took leadership of a core creative team dedicated to designing the game’s worlds, heroes, and enemies. I provided creative feedback at all levels of development, and collaborated with all invested parties to react to critical feedback, schedule changes, and new opportunities. I also directed the creation of the game’s music and SFX.


Rise and Destroy
Senior Designer I

A monster-destruction action game for mobile devices.

I helped craft the core concept and prototype the main gameplay. I assisted on all facets of design for the title. I was personally responsible for the creation, testing, and fine-tuning of all characters, their special abilities, and their interactions with the world.

n-Space @ Orlando, FL: Apr 2007 – Mar 2012


Heroes of Ruin
Lead Designer

A new action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, published by Square Enix.

I pitched the concept on behalf of the company and created the documentation, world design, and system designs of the game, including random dungeon generation, dynamic encounters, and scripted scenarios. I oversaw a team of designers dedicated to creating player characters and designing dungeons, and collaborated with all team members on feature creation, gameplay flow, multiplayer connectivity, and story presentation.


GoldenEye 007
Lead Designer

A re-envisioning of the classic action game for the Nintendo DS, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

I designed the game’s core mechanics, level concepts, and multiplayer modes. I oversaw a team of designers responsible for scripting the singleplayer adventure levels, providing feedback and mentoring along the way. I also collaborated on ensuring that the multiplayer experience was up to the exceptional standards set by the GoldenEye name. I also adapted the script from the core version created for the Wii product of the same name.


James Bond 007: Blood Stone
Lead Designer

An original 007 adventure for the Nintendo DS.

I designed the game from top to bottom, including game systems, level designs, combat mechanics, and gadget interactions. I oversaw a team of level designers and scripted levels myself, creating shooting, stealth, and chase levels authentic to the James Bond experience. I also adapted the script from the core version created for the 360/PS3 product of the same name.


Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron
Lead Designer

An original Star Wars adventure for the Nintendo DS.

I designed the whole of the game experience, creating a myriad of mechanics, levels, and encounters set in the Prequel and Original Trilogies and into the Expanded Universe. I oversaw a team of level designers and scripted many encounters, including on-the-ground combat, outerspace dogfighting, and lightsaber duels.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Level Designer

A Star Wars action game for the Nintendo DS.

I was responsible for designing, testing, and tuning levels for the title, including boss fights, and special events throughout the level. I was responsible for much of the storytelling presentation in the game, crafting scenes using in-game cameras and implementing cinematics. I also took the lead in designing many of the game’s “Force Powers.”

Personal Work

12 labors
A short narrative game about working your way up to an apology. Available on PC and Mac.

Made with Unity with M. Garrett Steele over the course of 2019 and 2020.

Created game’s core design and system design. Iterated on the puzzles; created all of the art; wrote the game in C# and Ink. Did all sound design; created core story and collaborated on the narrative.


  • Master of Science, Interactive Entertainment
    Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy @ University of Central Florida – Orlando FL USA
    Jan 2006 – Jun 2007
  • Bachelor of Arts, Classical Civilizations
    Florida State University – Tallahassee FL USA
    Aug 2001 – Jun 2005

References are available on request.