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STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC is the award-winning MMORPG set in the far-off past of the Star Wars universe.

I joined the team for the latter half of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion as well as the development and launch of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. As part of the “Uprisings” team, I was responsible for pitching, designing, and developing repeatable multiplayer content that was easily consumable but sufficiently variable and challenging to keep players coming back again and again in pursuit of lucrative rewards. I was especially proud of the boss mechanics and bonus content I crafted for my specific Uprising missions.

I was also a major contributor to the Cartel Market team. My responsibilities included pitching, developing, implementing, and testing monetizable content, including armor sets, weapons, mounts, and glamour items.

Work Sample: “Done and Dusted”

A 4-player dungeon set in the desert wasteland of Tatooine. Players must work together to attack a bandit outpost and retrieve stolen security data.

Utilizing premade art prefabs, I create a new zone set in a remote hill that takes the player through a myriad of exciting encounters, including a several custom-scripted boss encounters, including a highly mobile sniper, a berserker corrupted by the dark side of the Force, and a classic AT-ST “Walker.”

Inspired by Pokemon Go, I independently scripted an all-new mechanic exclusive to this level where players can find hotspots around the terrain, “attune” themselves to classic Tatooine wildlife, and then summon them for assistance in battle. There are twelve different beasts for players to find!

Work Sample: “Destroyer of Worlds”

A 4-player dungeon set in the underground mines of Makeb. Players escort an explosive probe droid into the heart of a deranged cult to destroy a gigantic otherworldy horror.

In this level, I wanted the players to feel like they always needed to look over their shoulder, unsure of what might strike. In addition to challenging encounters – like a pair of ever-reincarnating beasts, and a massive gauntlet of cultists and mining droids – I also scripted random attacks from cultist sorcerers and underground tentacles, ensuring that players couldn’t simply memorize the encounters and coast through whenever they replayed it. I also worked closely with art to ensure that the level was suitably moody and unsettling while still within the bounds of the Star Wars canon – including a suitably explosive finale when the giant tentacled monster is blown up!

I also scripted a “curse” effect that afflicts anyone who begins the level, which can only be removed by participating in an optional side quest – seek out hidden relics throughout the level and use them to summon an optional boss – the Caller in the Dark, the source of the everpresent curse.