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BREACH is a new kind of action-RPG: Hero characters band together using magic, technology, and good old-fashioned determination to battle against mythological creatures that have invaded modern day Earth.

As a senior member of the game’s mission team, I was responsible for pitching, designing, and developing multiplayer action levels, complete with objectives, story moments, encounters, hazards, and set-piece moments.

I worked with artists, engineers, sound designers, and concept artists to propose and develop new locations and lore, with an eye for shaping traditional mythological characters and events into brand-specific entities and encounters. I shepherded each level from start to finish, crafting gameplay and providing actionable feedback on things like environment polish, VFX, dialogue, music, narrative beats, and boss mechanics.

I also contributed overall to the to IP development, providing detailed feedback on character design, story arcs, cinematics, and other world-shaping content.

Work Sample: “Downtown Kiev”

In Breach’s multiplayer missions, four “hero” characters work together to overcome challenges and clear encounters… while a sinister “Veil Demon” player places traps, monsters, and other hazards in their path.

Downtown Kiev was the first mission I created from the ground up at QC. A breach in the fabric of reality has caused enormous vegetative growth to demolish part of the downtown skyscrapers. Heroes race over rooftops and through skyway terminals as they approach the heart of the infestation.

Work Sample: “Valley of Kings”

In Valley of Kings, an icy glacier has manifested right on top of an ancient Egyptian temple. Worse, a strange archmage is casting a devastating ritual. It’s up to the heroes to stop his plans.

Valley of Kings was an exciting level to work on because of the constraints involved – we wanted to make our overall space more efficient so that we had fewer total rooms. I designed a central courtyard which sees reuse throughout the mission, cutting down on the overall environment needs.

Work Sample: “Tokyo Breach”

In the heart of Tokyo, strange forests and demonic statues have overtaken the downtown skyline. The heroes arrive to fight back against the encroaching darkness.

Tokyo was started before I arrived at QC, but I quickly wound up inheriting it as one of my primary missions during my time there. I spent a lot of time working with environment art to cull unnecessary space, standardize rooms, and make sure that geometry met gameplay standards.