Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)

Origin: South and Central America (Invasive in North America)
Sighted at: Fort Zachary Taylor, Key West, FL

I prowled around Fort Zachary Taylor State Park on the day after Christmas and some very small cannons, a whole lot of tourists, and some iguanas!

The green (or “common”) iguana is the most common of the iguanas. They grow quite large, and are excellent swimmers, although they usually only go in the water to escape predators.

You can find iguanas all over Key West, although they’re not native to the islands. In fact, they’re not native to North America at all – they’re an invasive species that’ve bred from exotic pets that made it into the wild. They’re more than happy to live in the Keys, at least. They spend their hours lounging on tree branches, eating flowers (especially hibiscus!), and making snide judgments about passers-by (seriously, they’re jerks.)