Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

Origin: Western Africa
Sighted at: Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, TX

This is the first of a bunch of animal photos that I took when my friend Chris T and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. The zoo was a lot of fun – it had a wide variety of animals in big, open pens, which made them really easy to see. I was especially impressed with their reptile and amphibian exhibit – the “Museum of Living Art.” More pics from that exhibit soon!

The Western lowland gorilla is found in the jungles of Western Africa, in Gabon, Cameroon, and the Congo (not the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is a different, much larger country.) Western lowland gorillas are the primary sort of Western gorilla – there are less than 500 of the OTHER western gorilla subspecies, the Cross River gorilla, remaining in the world.

Koko, the famous sign language gorilla, is a Western lowland gorilla! There is also an albino Westland lowland gorilla named Snowflake who is the only known example of albinism in gorillas.