Resh Cicada (Tibicen resh)

Origin: Southeastern USA
Sighted at: My apartment @ Austin, TX

I took my dog out for a quick visit to the outdoors and he honed right in on an incredibly loud bug! Amazingly, regardless of what his intentions were when he grabbed it, he didn’t damage the bug at all. He dropped a fully intact (albeit highly irritated) Resh Cicada into my hand.

The Resh Cicada is named for a marking on its upper thorax that’s shaped like the Hebrew letter Resh! They’re incredibly noisy bugs – as in, if you have one in your hands, you have to shout to make yourself be heard! In fact, BugGuide claims that they’re one of the loudest insects on the planet!

I tried over and over again to take a clear picture of this incredible looking bug, and had to keep taking re-shots because I thought the wings looked blurry. But it turns out that the dark outline on the wings isn’t the outermost boundary of the wing – look closely and you’ll see that there’s a pale line marking where the wing actually ends!