Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris)

Origin: Nearly worldwide except for Africa and Australia

Sighted at: Lockhart State Park, Lockhart, TX

This week, I went to another new-to-me state park – Lockhart’s, which has the odd distinction of being Texas’s only state park with a golf course on it! It also has a swimming pool, camping grounds, and some short, delightful hikes. I think I saw the whole breadth of the park in my two hours that I was there!

This is a bumblebee, which is three times larger than its more-common-to-cities cousin, the honey bee. Perhaps the greatest thing to learn about this bee was that its genus is named “bombus,” which is simply delightful. It was apparently originally known as the “humblebee,” although some provincial folk referred to it as a dumbledor.