Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnificens)

Origin: Tropical Atlantic coastlines
Sighted at: Key West, FL

I spotted a whole flock of frigatebirds (sometimes called a “fleet” of frigates!) on a walk along Oceanside with Pullo – simply hovering in midair above the coast, as frigates will do! When the walk was over, I rushed home to get my camera and came right back, and sure enough, they were still right there! I took a ton of photos, but this shot of a male (with the big red pouch) and female pair is definitely my favorite.

The Magnificent Frigatebird – an amazing name for a bird, yeah? – is a “pelagic” animal, meaning that it feeds on things from the sea but lives entirely on land, rarely ever landing on the water itself. They may also eat chicks and eggs from other birds’ nests!