Green Heron (Butorides virescens)

Origin: North and Central America
Sighted at: Florida Keys Wild Bird Sanctuary, Tavernier Key, FL


I visited my sister and her best guy Patrick this weekend. They live also in the Florida Keys, at the north end of the Keys, a 2 hour drive from Key West. This is makes visiting them quite the adventure! We had wonderful BBQ and played with one anothers’ dogs, but we also went to look at some birds!

The Florida Keys Wild Bird Sanctuary is a terrific rescue location full of an incredibly diverse number of birds – hawks, falcons, a great many owls, a MERLIN (!!), vultures, many gulls, terns, and pelicans. Check out their site here:

I took a couple pictures of some of the rehabilitating animals, but most of my photos were of wild birds at the nearby bay and salt flats.

This, for example, is a heron we spotted at the bay right after all the rehabilitation cages – another new heron that I’d never seen before! It doesn’t appear to be very green, though.

Some more pictures from the Sanctuary and some other places soon!