Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis)

Origin: Asia
Sighted at: Florida City, Florida

Speaking of invasive species, here’s another! The Common Myna (or “Mynah”, or sometimes called the “Indian Myna”) is a very common bird in Asia that has been introduced into both American and Australian ecosystems with problematic results.

Like most invasive species, they’re frequently kept as pets (and then escape, resulting in becoming an invasive species.) In fact, my next door neighbor owned a myna when I was a kid! Their screeches can sometimes approximate human speech, which is why they’re popular as kept birds. (I found the neighbor’s bird’s squawks quite annoying, myself.)

Florida City, where this picture was taken, is the last town on the Florida mainland before you enter the Florida Keys on your journey south. I think this gross parking lot was at a Long John Silver’s. Mmm, hushpuppies!