Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)

Origin: Temperate North America
Sighted at: Metric Drive around Walnut Creek, Austin, TX

This past weekend, I discovered a Blue Jay in the road of a busy boulevard! Much to my relief, he was only stunned in the road, and not injured! He stayed the night at my house and I dropped him off at Austin Wildlife Rescue the next morning, where they said he’d be back in the air in no time.

I’d taken a picture of a Blue Jay once before! Here’s the info I gathered for that post:

The blue jay is one of the prettier birds that can be found around Austin. They’re very fond of trees, and whenever they’re not scrounging for food, they’re almost always hiding away in the branches, trying deliberately not to be seen. They’re aggressive and quarrelsome, and will go out of their way to bully other birds that infringe on their territory.

Jays are a type of corvid, a family of birds which most famously includes crows and ravens, but also includes rooks, nutcrackers, and magpies.