Marfa is 6 hours from Austin. Half that trip is Hill Country; the other half, on I-10, is desert scrublands.

It’s a lot like the US1 road through the Everglades, but with plains on either side instead of swamp.
The AirBNB where I stayed. Cozy!
Downtown Marfa.
The grocery. It’s cute!
The Do-Your-Thing coffee shop was my favorite place in-town.
Big ‘rancho.
Pronghorn antelope. There were big ranches surrounding the town on all sides.
The “Marfa Lights Viewing Center.” Supposedly, you can see weird flickering lights on the horizon outside of town.
I didn’t see any, but the sky was very pretty.
The infamous Prada Marfa art installation, 30 miles outside of town.
I was just one of a half-dozen other people who all drove up, took a picture, and then drove away.
The Davis Mountains, just northwest of town. This was a truly sublime experience.
I was practically the only person on the road, and the weather and the sights were absolutely beautiful.

A shorter visit than I’d intended, but a good one nonetheless.