There’s a lot to like about video games, but game music has always had a special place in my heart. Much of my early experience on the Internet was found in hunting-for and listening-to video game soundtracks over and over and over – as well as discovering the then-fledgling community of remixers and arrangers who would compose and perform new versions of game songs!

A new project by the Materia Collective got started last year: a project dedicated to the music of Final Fantasy VIII, a well-remembered game from my childhood! My friend Lauren Liebowitz was participating, but wasn’t as familiar with the soundtrack as I was, and so asked after songs she might consider arranging.

Fast forward to this past January: Lauren had the song “Time Compression” to perform, and offered me the chance to collaborate on it. I managed to come up with the core idea of the arrangement, and then actually arrange the parts – and write lyrics, besides! Lauren provided corrections and alterations and then, of course, performed and mixed the piece. She did a great job!

I’ve linked our song, “Time Stands Still,” below, using Spotify. You can also listen to the whole album, called “SUCCESSOR“, on Spotify – or you can find it on iTunes, Loudr, or Google Play.

I’m really happy to have had the chance to contribute to a song in this way. Maybe I’ll get to do more in the future!