This past Thanksgiving holiday, my girlfriend Cat and I took a weekend trip to Dallas and Fort Worth to see some animals! It wound up being an absolutely wonderful weekend, and I wanted to share some of the great pictures that Cat and I took along the way!f

Firstly, we dropped off Pullo at my friend Rachel’s house for the weekend, which I mention entirely so that I can share this amazing picture of him:

Good boy. He had a grand time, or so I’m told! We set off for Fort Worth, which is two and a half hours north of Austin. It was actually quite rainy along the way, making us worry that we’d picked an awful time to go on a trip, but the weather completely cleared up as we approached the city! We stopped for a quick bite and then headed to the Fort Worth Zoo!

Fort Worth Zoo has a huge selection of impressive animals, and some very impressive housing for some of those animals. We first looked in at their incredible indoor primate center:

Gorillas were only the start of the amazing mammals on display, though!

Mammals are cool and all, but this place has SO MANY BIRDS. They’ve got an a ton of seabirds, alpine birds, enormous cranes, GIGANTIC eagles, and a whole interior parakeet area where you can feed the birds sticks of seed!

There was also a cow. Not a real cow. But a well-modeled false cow. We posed near it, and then bought some fudge and gummi frogs.

Unbeknownst to us, however, the zoo was closing early for Black Friday, so we had very little time to go check out the absolute best part of the zoo – the reptile exhibit, prestigiously titled the “Museum of Living Art”! The trip is worth it for this installation alone – a super cool, stylish interior with very modern animal displays and a huge assortment of reptiles and amphibians.

After a quick visit with the reptiles, we headed over to Dallas to check into our hotel – the very nice Fairmont, in downtown Dallas! We enjoyed our stay and our dinner – Thai food and sushi!

In the morning, we packed up and headed over to the nearby Dallas World Aquarium! While aquariums are usually fish-focused, this place is more like an indoor zoo, with a multi-floor exhibit resembling a jungle that people can wander through!

The museum has creatures from all over the world – in the trees, under water, and in their own custom habitats.

In the middle of our exploration, we were treated to a dance performance by Aztec warriors!

In the lower halls of the aquarium, we finally found some fish – including sawfish, which I haven’t seen since visiting the Key West Aquarium as a kid!

When we wrapped up at the aquarium and started back to Austin, we thought our adventure was over – but a sign for the “Waco Mammoth Monument Park” caught our eye, and with daylight to spare, we stopped to check it out! It turned out to be a one-year-old National Park at the site of an extensive mammoth dig site! We learned all about Colombian mammoths – the much, MUCH larger cousins of Woolly mammoths!

All in all, a very fun trip – one of the best I’ve ever taken. Here’s looking forward to the next adventure!