New Year’s Resolutions are a trendy, memetic idea, and as such I’ve usually not put much weight in them, but this year I have various ongoing promises to myself and to my loved ones that I intend to keep: and so New Year’s Resolutions serve at least as a convenient framework to renew those promises. My vows include the usual self-improvement wishes: to exercise more, to save money, to let go of anger and to embrace the ones I love, to make fixes and corrections to problems that are private and public.

Another of my promises is to keep in touch better with those who want to keep in touch with me, and part of that promise involves blogging more often. Once a month seems proportional to my life’s high and low tides – a suitable period to accumulate experiences so that I can share them with the world.

January has, unfortunately, been a January of enforced idleness – I’ve been severely congested since returning to Austin on New Year’s Eve, to the point of missing out on both sleep and on work. The days of below-freezing temperatures led me to conclude that I had a cold, but after three weeks and a false recovery, I saw a doctor who concluded that my seasonal allergies were acting up badly and early. I’m happy to report that, although I’m chagrined for not simply trying my allergy medicine, I’m considerably more functional now that I’m taking the right stuff.

“I was sick and now I wasn’t” isn’t a wonderful update for January, so here’s some actual accomplishments to speak of – I’ve switched up my radio show, FOXHOUND FAVORITES, into a podcast, and I’m moved it from its previous host over here to my own website. If you haven’t listened in, Foxhound Favorites is a weekly one-hour show where I play some of my favorite video game music – originals, but also remixes, covers, and other fan arrangements – based on a theme. It’s been a terrific way to express my love of both video game music and the scene that spends so much creative energy creating wonderful new arrangements of the stuff. My friend Selena – who I’ve signed a blood pact with to keep blogging in 2015, actually – recently wrote a very kind review about the podcast’s first ten episodes. I hope to deliver even more, even better shows this year, especially now that I can actually breathe.

My job at KingsIsle continues to be fruitful – as a game developer, I’m more or less permanently locked in a cycle of having to say “I’m really excited about what I’m working on right now, and I can’t wait to tell you about it in a year or so.” Suffice it to say that, as I approach my third anniversary with the company, they’ve put me in a position to exercise a lot of creativity. It’s very rewarding and has the opportunity to yield some exciting results. Fingers crossed.