Here’s five things I did in 2017 that I’m proud of:

Dark Sun Campaign
I wrapped “Dust to Dust,” a 3-year-long D&D campaign that was streamed each week for hundreds of viewers. My friends and I told an epic story about strength, survival, and solidarity. You can read about the experience here: 


Eberron Campaign Soundtrack
I started another new campaign, and this time, I’m writing my own music for the show. I’ve wanted to write music for many, many years and this is my first time really taking the plunge. You can hear what I’ve published so far here: 


New Job!
I got a new full-time gig at a great studio, QC Games, here in Austin. I’ve been searching for a workplace to call home for quite a while here in Texas; it finally feels like maybe I’ve found it? I’ll be excited to share more of what we’re building some time in the future.


Wedding Reception Speech
When my sister Kyle married her best friend, Patrick, I was lucky enough to deliver the speech at the reception. I was really happy with it – and more importantly, so were the bride and groom. It was an honor to be able to use my words to celebrate their union.


Animal Photographs Galore
Finally, 2017 was the year I started to really lean into my nature photography. Through hard work and happenstance, I photo’d deer, armadillos, hogs, turts, and, of course, all manner of birds. You can see my photos here: