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One of the first art projects I started when I moved to Austin 2012 was a sculpture of the four Golden Statues from the SNES title Super Metroid – an artistic barrier that blocks the way to the final boss until the game’s first four bosses have been defeated. The project stalled out for a long time. Now it’s 2014 and I realized that I would need to either finish the project, abandon it entirely, or take the work-in-progress pieces with me when I move to a new residence next month.

I opted to finish it. The results are some small (4″), very minimalist representations of the game’s own statues. Each represents a giant monster that the player has to defeat. They’re made of Sculpey, which I absolutely love as a medium – but still have a lot to learn with, clearly, as there’s parts of these that are obviously very “raw.” They have small colored beads for eyes. I also varnished the base that they sit on, and super-glued a raised box so that Ridley could sit above the others properly.

Things I’d like to do on my next attempt – less derpy eyes, smoother contours, greater attention to symmetry, finer details. I’m still plenty proud of these, though, and I’m very glad to have finished them.